Dating – How To Navigate Your Way To True Love

Dating in the modern world is completely different to years gone past.  The advent of the internet has opened up the playing field to a world wide smorgasbord of possibilities.  Both Traditional and Online Dating have advantages and disadvantages, we will work through them all here today.

So who am I you ask?  My name in Drew and I am an Australian in my early 40’s who suffered a breakdown in my marriage after 3 beautiful children and a 20 year relationship.  Although contact with my children is being purposely restricted, I do get to talk to them weekly.  I tell them I love them and that I am very proud of them every time on the phone, but rarely get the chance to see them in person or on video.  It’s just not the same.  I hope the day comes when they will understand.  Sad situation all round really, but moving on.

I found the online dating scene as a way of meeting new people to overcome my loneliness.  Little did I know what was about to happen.

Obviously I am writing this information from a mans point of view.  I will endeavor to supply all the information for any reader.  I am not involved with “everything” that I right about, but, I know many people here in The Philippines and have heard all the stories, good and bad.  So rest assured, the information you are looking for is here.

I guess we need to ask the question, what are you looking for???


 Dating – What Are You Really Looking For….?

Filipina GirlIf you are looking for true love with a beautiful, young, sexy, honest, faithful, loyal, fun woman with the girl next door looks.  Then the true Filipina girls are absolutely the way to go.  The Filipina don’t see age like your local girls do, twenty years difference is nothing.  All they want to know is, are you true to them, do you love them and will you stand by them through thick and thin.  Obviously you will need to provide for them and help their family also, small price to pay for a life of happiness.

Now I know there are guys out there also, that just chat girls online making promises to get a cheap thrill on camera.  There are many girls who would be happy to do that if they thought you would send them money.  Yes, online dating fraud is alive and thriving, we will talk about that in depth below.  Some are easy to spot – play, promise, flash, lie to them because that is what they are doing to you….  But make me one promise….

Guys, if you are not “in it” for true love, then please don’t deceive, play,  lie or mess with the “good” girls.  I know, you know, what I mean, they deserve better.  I always intended traveling and meeting the right girl when the chat went well.   I hope you do too.  The “True Filipina” is a sacred thing – be nice.


Online Dating – International Dating – How To Find What You Want

There are many country’s out there that you can target for finding beautiful young women, polish dating sites, Russian women, Japanese, Indian….. List goes on.  I will focus on Asian girls, more specifically the Filipina, but the same principles apply to all.  So if your looking in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam or any other Asian country’s, keep reading.

FilipinaMany of these locations have a poor economy and high unemployment, some of the girls are looking for a foreign partner not only for them to be provided for but love also, this is who you should be looking for.  Some are just after money to live, some are out to extract all your money then move on.

First I will have a rant, then I will share what you need to know.  An abundance of online dating scammer’s, pretty girls who prey on the lonely desperate blokes just to extract money, not only exist but are starting to “expand their business”.  Is is just me or do you get friend requests on facebook all the time from girls with a 3 day old profile, sexy pictures, nothing in their profile and the first message sent tries to drag you away to yahoo messenger.  Not only are the fake profiles all over the dating sites but they are hunting you in facebook as well.

ScammerThat being said, online dating is a way to successfully find your perfect partner, the “True Filipina”, if that’s what you are looking for.  Your only issue is to sift through the potential girls and weed out the scammer’s.

Now, there is an art to it, all the profiles will say “I am simple girl looking for love and marriage”, but not all of them are, know that coming in.  There are many different ways that girls will try and get money, starting with the were so poor we cant afford to eat, whilst eating  Jollibee sitting at the internet cafe…..  Our house just got flooded in the storm….. My father just died….. I caught dengue fever…. You name it they will try it.

Online Dating GuideHere is where I can help you, not only have I been scammed a couple of times but I have talked to many poor soles that have also, I have read a book on how to spot scammer’s and protect yourself against the pain to both your wallet and your heart.  A few dollars invested now could save you countless thousands and not only that, but significantly reduce the time wasted talking with girls who are just after money.  Why not take a FREE look at “Expat Manual”  to find out more.


Dating in the Philippines – How to Travel to Safely

For people looking to travel to the Philippines for dating, this Travel Manual will be invaluable. >>Dating<<


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