Scams – A Guide to Avoid Being Scammed

Scams – an introduction to what can really happen – How best to avoid it.  Even though in general the Filipina are wonderful, beautiful and loving.  there are a certain element that are just out for the money.

It’s a shame really that you need to navigate your way to love through a quagmire of bullshit, but thats how it is.

Arm yourself with knowledge and be prepared.



What Scams are out there

There are some scammers that are just girls or groups of girls working together, but there are the more business like syndicates that are very professional and good at what they do, they hire models for cam to cam chat, they have learnt from experience what and what not to say to trap you.  Best advise, don’t send money, travel and meet in person only after really getting to know them.

I have heard many lines both personally and second hand. here is a list of just a few things they will say.

  • I haven't got money to eat.
  • Send money for transportation to meet you. (they aren't coming)
  • I haven't got anywhere to stay
  • I don't have money for internet
  • Send me money for laptop so we can talk private.
  • I'll be kicked out if I don't pay rent
  • I've caught Dengue Fever --> Hospital
  • My father died, need money for funeral.
  • Help me get a visa I'll come meet you.
  • My sister is sick
  • My Mum needs operation
  • Basically anything........  List goes on.

In my experience if they start “hinting” very early then it’s almost a given they are scammers.

If you catch them in a lie, get rid of them.

If they nude up on cam, they are trying to hook you, they do that to everyone.

If they tell you they love you, do you love me? Wait for the next line, it will likely be a hint at money.

Good girls don’t nude up, lie, or hint for money.  They are genuinely looking for a partner that can love and support  them.


Rules to Avoid Scams – Good luck…!

  • Never send money to somebody overseas that you don't know or haven't met.  Hell even the dating sites tell you that.
  • If they will not get on camera they are not real, your probably talking to a ladyboy in Manila.  Some profiles just use celebrity photo's to gain interest.   If they use the excuse the cafe doesn't have webcams, don't believe it.  The next line will likely be..... Buy me a laptop so we can talk in private.... Then never hear from them again.
  • If they start hinting at money very early, be very suspicious..  Although the good scammers are on to this, they will hook you first, they might wait a month before trying to "close the sale" and even then they might only ask for a small amount, know that once you have sent money once your committed, the amounts requested will increase in both value and frequency.  The old "boil a frog" technique.
  • Keep track of details during your conversation, if you catch them in a lie  - run.
  • Scammers are compulsive liars, and they are very good at it.  Anything to extract money.  Just saying.
  • If you absolutely feel you need to send money, then send $50 or a couple of thousand only.  BUT do it via Western Union.  Once they have collected the money, you can ring WU and check what branch in what city the money was collected in.  Very handy to know.  Tip - if you can send money for them to go somewhere, break it up, send a little to get them there and then more once they arrive,  just tell them you need to move some money around or something.  If they are not where they say they are, you just lost $50-100 not your house.  Move on.
  • If she is willing to nude up on cam, that is a hook, they do this to everyone.  Once they have hooked you, the money will start flowing.  Good girls do not nude up.
  • If they seem to be chatting with others at the same time or look distracted be very suspicious.
  • Do your due diligence, get their real name, in conversation get them to show you a form of ID.  Ask for FB page and hunt around search for actual name and nicknames, make sure they haven't got multiple accounts.  Google their name, dating site URL  Find their online footprint, if there is dirt there be scared.  Although most good scammers are onto this, they teach each other.  But cover your bases.
  • If they try and get you away from the dating site immediately to Yahoo or Skype, be suspicious but don't discount - yet.  Scammers just use the dating site profile as a lead generation tool, they hate having to redo it often.
  • If they seem to be busy all the time or cannot meet an arranged time to chat,  just be wary.  This could just mean they run to Filipino time.  Always late or disorganized.
  • Get their phone number and ring them.  Ring unannounced occasionally and play guess who this is.  Bait them with something they should know from recent chat.  LOL make sure you are talking with the same girl.  If something seems fishy then it probably is.
  • If they insist on calling you Babe or love and not by your actual name this may be a bit suspicious.  This is a technique used to avoid typing in the wrong name.  Half the time they cant remember who the fuck they are talking with because there is so many.
  • I will add more rules if/when they arise, but basically just keep your wits about you, don't send money at least for the first month or two, and don't believe every word they say, verify what you can.
  • Good Luck.    ---   Keep reading below to find out how we can help each other combat the scammers.


Keep Money in your pocket 650 learn secrets

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Thank you and good luck.


If You Got Value From Our Scams Page – Please

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  • If all this sounds like paradise... It is.
  • If you are looking to travel to The Philippines but don't know "The Rules" This travel manual will be an absolute must. Expat Manual , Philippines


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