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Dauin Dumaguete – Unbelievable Aquatic Adventure – Tropical Fish Galore

Dauin just South of Dumaguete is a hidden jewel, the tropical fish in this sanctuary are nothing short of spectacular.  I had the privilege to go with friends to just one of the many resorts in Dauin.  I have since been several times, each time is just as good as the last.  Dauin Rocks.

Not only are the people there friendly and accommodating it only costs only 100-200 peso ($2-5) depending on which table you rent for the day.  The entire area has shade cover from large tree’s so you will not swelter in the heat.

Dauin Sanctuary – Philippines – How To Get There

DauinThere is an additional cost of 50 ($1.25)  peso per person if you wish to dive or snorkel in the sanctuary.  This just supports the families that watch over their little section of the dauin sanctuary.

So how do you get there i hear you ask?  If you follow the main highway south out of Dumaguete of ten minutes, you will find the Dauin #1 markets turn left just after it.  But there are many resorts along the road so any of the following 3 left turns will find you at the sanctuary.  See the map to the right thanks to google maps.

Just need to drive or ride all the way to the end and the resort is just to the right on the beach.

Dauin Sanctuary Essentials – What to take With You

Dauin - Aquatic AdventureWhen visiting Dauin, remember to bring some bread and a snorkel with you, because only ten meters off shore you will experience some of the woulds best tropical fish on display.  Hold the bread in your hand, squash it into a tight ball, then just rub a bit off at a time to attract the fish.  Within seconds you will have thousands of the most exotic tropical fish swarming around you.

Dauin FishFor those brave souls, hold the bread ball out in front of you and the fist will literally eat out of your hand.  Just watch out if a large parrot fish comes along, they have sharp teeth.  I have dived the “Great Barrier Reef” in Australia and the fish here rival or exceed that experience.  Just sayin.

There is nothing more romantic than swimming hand in hand with your special girl, surrounded with the most exotic aquatic tropical fish on offer.

Just remember to wear a T Shirt or risk getting extremely sun burnt.  The sun has bite even though you don’t feel hot in the nice warm water.

Dauin Beach PhilippinesOnce your finished snorkeling, kicking back under the spectacular trees of Dauin Beach and have a picnic that you bring with you, is so relaxing.

Talk to the locals, feed the  resident begger – “Hollywood” the dog we named him.  Should see the puppy eyes he gives you, would think he never gets fed, but he is borderline fat.

There is BBQ facilities and toilet/shower block there also.  A Sari Sari store is there on the corner if you would like drinks or snacks..

All in all Dauin #1 is an awesome day out a few minutes from Dumaguete.  Dauin Beach has soft sand and shaded areas to sit.  The Dauin Sanctuary is world class for the aquatic life.  I mark Dauin as a “Must Do” if you are visiting Negros or more specifically Dumaguete.

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Dauin Sanctuary – Fun and Exciting Day Tip From Dumaguete

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  • James

    June 15, 2013

    I was at Dauin further South from where your explaining, it was good where i was, but i will definitely be visiting this one. Thanks for your post. Love it.

    Ill be watching out for more stuff from you.


  • pinadrewy

    June 15, 2013

    Awesome James, you will not regret it, awesome place, be sure to come back here and tell everyone how you went.

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