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Fighting Roosters – Philippines Cock Fighting On Any Given Sunday

Fighting Roosters,Fighting Roosters is the national past time of many Filipino males.

In the more provincial areas it seems every Filipino has a cock and isn’t afraid to use it. lol.

So if your looking for an interesting afternoon the go to the local cockfight.

Rules of a Cockfight in The Philippines

Although Rooster Fighting Bladescockfighting is deemed barbaric in many locations of the world, in The Philippines it is a way of life. Many Filipino men have a stable of fighting roosters ready in wait. On fight day each rooster is fitted with fighting blades. The roosters are faced off and let loose, then its a fight to the death.

To the winner go the spoils, chicken for dinner and prize money. For the looser, it’s back to the drawing board.

See video below of a rooster fighting pit in action with a local cockfight and yes it is that noisy.


The Betting – Whats the deal when Fighting Roosters?

Cockfighting blades

I attended fighting roosters or a  cock fight with a friend and it is an experience watching fighting roosters.  Being a tall, blonde hair blue eyed Aussie, I kinda stand out.  It was funny i was standing at the back looking over all the not quite as tall Filipino’s in front.  A new fight was being set up, the roosters held up for inspection, then the yelling starts, betting on the desired winner, it sounds like a riot but everyone there knows whats going on.  Then all of a sudden silence, and the people in front of me parted like the red sea and everyone just looked my way.  Waiting for a bet, I was the only foreigner there, they were expecting something.  I said “It’s OK I’m just having a look”  but that didn’t ride lol.  I put 500 on the red one, it lost….  All in all I walked away even after a few bets, it was a great day.

You can experience the cock fights in the larger city cock pits but I have found the smaller ones in the province are more fun.  Just be careful a bit as they are notorious for pick pockets apparently.  I have never had a problem, but I know some that have.


Fighting Roosters – Philippines Cock Fighting – Request

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