Manila – Tourist Attractions and Things To Do In Manila Philippines

Manila,Manila metro is the capital of The Philippines a thriving metropolis with a wide variety of things to see and do.  Find below a comprehensive list of the things to do and places to visit in Manila.

This page will be the last one you will need to find anything to do with Manila tourism.

Arriving In Manila

Arriving in Ninoy Aquino International Airport can be daunting for the unseasoned traveler.

Getting a taxi is an art on its own, just make sure you get one that has a meter, if they don’t, don’t get in.  It should only cost 100-300 peso to get anywhere in Manila.  If you get quoted 6000, go to the next one, they are trying to take advantage…  When you find a taxi that runs the meter, tip him 100 peso for being honest, that is a days wage for most.

All so carry your own bags, there will be people offering to carry them, most are honest but some are not, I have never had a problem, but I know it sometimes happens.  Just be careful.  Most people speak English or at least enough to communicate so you should be fine.  I find it best to have a filipino friend meet me at airport, things run a lot smoother then.


Manila Nightlife – The thriving Party Town That Is Manila Philippines

Manila Nightlife

People in Manila and the Philippines in general love to party. There are literally hundreds of places to go out drinking and have a good time. You can party in Manila every single night of the week.


Manila never sleeps! No matter what your taste in music is, no matter what your budget is, you will always find a good place in Manila to party!  For a good Club Guide Click Here

Rest assured you have every opportunity to hook up with whatever you fancy.  Just be respectful to the locals and you will stay out of trouble – no problem.


Things To Do In Manila – Rizal Park

Rizal Park

Rizal Park has been the site of some extremely important moment’s in Manila’s history.  Memorial plaques and monuments will give you a great appreciation for the history of the area.

Chinese and Japanese Gardens, the Orchidarium and Butterfly Pavilion and a chess plaza will give you a days leisurely experience.  In fact, if there is only one thing that you get to experience during your stay in Metro Manila, you’ll want it to be this park because there is simply so much to see and do in this one area.


Manila Ocean Park – For The Aquatic Fish Lovers

Manila Ocean Park

If you are a Sea World lover then you will most certainly love this oceanarium in Metro Manila.

There is also a boutique shopping mall close by and some other interesting locations within walking distance while you’re visiting.



Nayong Pilipino – A more Modern Park

Nayong PilipinoNayong Pilipino draws tourists from around the world. Several historical points of interest and cultural celebrations can be experienced here at this all-ages adventure park.

Your time will be well spent at this theme park .



Intramuros, The Walled City

IntramurosVisitors who are truly interested in the history of Manila will defineately want to visit this district which is the oldest in Manila.  Intramuros is  a “walled city” which harkens back to the days when fortresses were needed to keep the people safe from outsiders.  Exploring the architecture (particularly the churches) will give you a great appreciation of what life was like in Manila many years ago.

Intramuros has an abundance of  forts, statutes and monuments to be viewed and photographed.

Keep Money in your pocket 650 learn secrets

Fort Bonifacio or Bonifacio Global City

Fort Bonifacio

Bonifacio Global City (formerly known as Fort Bonifacio) is a highly urbanized district in Taguig City.   In recent years has experienced strong commercial growth through the sale of military land by the BCDA.  Various landmarks are located throughout the district with the main place to visit being the Heritage Memorial Park.   A lot of historical plaques will enable youto learn the military history of the Philippines.  Memorial cemeteries can also be visited here also.

The entire district used to be the part of the main Philippine Army camp in Fort Bonifacio.


Manila Cathedral – Simply Spectacular

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Manila CathedralThe Cathedral in Manila dates back to the sixteenth century and is simply a spectacular tourist location.

Must see religious or not.



Villa Escudero Plantation and Resort

Villa Escudero Plantation and resort

Bamboo Rafting On Lake Labasin at Villa Escudero Plantation and Resort is awesome.

This historic coconut plantation located South of Manila is an amazing place to experience.  It combines a museum tour / history lesson with a beautiful natural setting to give you a terrific overview of the beauty of days gone past in this area.

Take a look at  their website.


Manila Zoo – Yet Another Manila Attraction

Manila Zoo

Manila Zoo is the oldest zoo in Asia.  Some people have expressed some sense of disappointment with the Manila Zoo as compared to some of the other great zoos around the world,  however, it’s something that other visitors think is worth checking out.

If you have time and you like that sort of thing, then it is probably worth a look.


Walk along the Roxas Boulevard Baywalk

Roxas BoulevardThere will be times during your stay when you don’t necessarily want to “do” anything but you do want to continue to experience The Philippines.  For those downtimes, a walk along the Baywalk is ideal.

It’s particularly known as a great place for watching the sun set into the Manila Bay but you can also just people watch and enjoy the scenery here.

Always something going on there, souvenirs stalls, food stalls and road side sari sari stores pepper the walk.


Taal Volcano – Fantastic photographic Opportunity

Mount PinatuboThis still active volcano has caused a lot of devastation to the area surrounding Manila in the not-so-distant past.

When it’s not erupting, it’s a beautiful “mountain” located on Volcano Island in Lake Taal.  The scenic beauty is spectacular for a photographic opportunity. Many resorts are peppered around Lake Taal with numerous outdoor activities.


Experience Makati Both The Night Life and The Shopping District


There are many places throughout Manila where you can experience the bar and nightclub scene but the Makati district  is the most well-known.  If this type of thing is something that you like to take advantage of when traveling then that’s the district that you want to do it in.

The Shopping and restaurant district is extremely large and spectacular also.  Well worth a visit or even base yourself in the region.  Great area.

Divisoria Mall and Market

If shopping for bargains is your thing the Divisoria mall and surrounding open market is definitely the place to look.  There are some extremely great bargains there, but remember divide the first price by 3 and barter, barter, barter.  Be prepared to walk away, then barter some more.  Get the bottom dollar, then tip a little for playing the game.

Definitely and experience worth having, a Filipina friend is worth having with you here, and watch your wallet.


SM Mall Of Asia – Need I Say More

SM-Mall-of-AsiaAlmost four hectares of floor area. 8,000 parking slots. 5,000 square meters allotted for public utility vehicles. 100 slots for tourist buses. Almost one kilometer in length, and a perimeter of almost 2 kilometers. Close to 2 million bags of cement used to build it and 44,000 gallons of paint consumed. It also has 1.9 million floor tiles installed in it. One wonders if this scale of development


The skyscrapers

Spectacular, worth a visit and journey to the top of.  Two of the ones that you’ll want to go take pictures of while you’re in the area are PBCom Tower and G.T. International



The Manila Wet Markets

These are open-air food markets where you can purchase fresh local foods from the people who live in the area. It’s a great cultural experience and one travelers should take the opportunity to enjoy while they are in the area.



Manila, Philippines – Great Tourist Destination

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