Philippines – An Unforgettable Place – Truely Spectacular Philippines

Philippines – An Unforgettable Place. It’s Spectacular in the Philippines

PhilippinesPhilippines, the place where no matter what the situation, everyone knows how to have fun. Friendly people, singing, dancing and festivals are always happening – everything is so easy going.

With so many islands, you guessed it there are beaches, boats, resorts reefs and countless experiences to be had.  That is not the only attraction, there are also mountains, to get out of the city and see the spectacular views it is simply breathtaking.

Don’t be shy to walk up to a local and start a conversation many are fluent in English and most will know enough to communicate, it’s not until you get way out in the mountains that communication will become difficult, but not impossible.

The Philippines is a developing nation, don’t get me wrong, but the variance in places and people are what make it such a wonderful place to live or visit.

I hope you find all the information you desire in my website, my goal is to supply all the information you require, no matter if you are doing a school project, planning a holiday or to live here, traveling to and within the Philippines, the cost of living and dating a local either online or here. Take the time to search around the site, you will find almost everything you will need via the menu bar at the top. Feel free to contact me if you feel you require any of my services or want more information. Enjoy….


Philippines Information – The Geography.

PhilippinesThe Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands found east of Vietnam and North of Indonesia. The Philippines Islands are bound by the Pacific Ocean to the East, South China Sea to the West, the Sulu and Celebes Seas to the South.

The Philippines is divided up into three major geographic zones.

Luzon which is basically the Northern area, home to the largest island and the countries capital Manila. (See Page on Luzon).

Visayas is the group of islands in the middle region of the Philippines, Cebu is the regions capital (See Page on Visayas)

Mindanao, to the South which is home to the second largest island of the same name. Davao is the capital of this region. (See Page on Mindanao)

Whether it’s spectacular views or sun and sand, The Philippines has it all. With over 7000 islands ranging in size from large to ones small enough to just lay down and get a tan, every landscape you might desire to see is available. Sandy beaches to awesome mountain views and everything in between.


Philippines – The people. Who We Are.

Philippines HouseThere is a wide range of people in the Philippines, everybody from the wealthy families who have had in the past a foreign influence these people generally are found in one of the larger cities where all the modern infrastructure exists. Some of the malls rival or exceed the standard of those in the western world.

The middle class which for the Philippines is still wealthy, they generally have modern housing and have set up in business, generally a helping hand from a foreigner somewhere in the past has helped them get where they are.

Philippines Native HouseThe poor, don’t get me wrong, these are some of the happiest people in the Philippines because they appreciate what they have, family comes first, every time, and they enjoy communicating, singing and partying with friends and family. If anyone in the family is struggling for anything, then the rest of the family helps out, it seems that everywhere you look there is a cousin. True. These people generally surround the smaller cities and country area’s. When I stayed in a more rural location just about any time of the day you could hear karaoke singing, some good, some not so good, from five different directions. That and roosters crowing 24/7. Seems every young Filipino has a cock. Cock or rooster fighting is huge in the Philippines, every Sunday there is many meets. But that is a blog post all on its own. See Post Here Cock Fighting in the Philippines.

The Extremely poor. Yes they do exist. People who live in the streets, but many of them have their piece of turf and are proud of it. I talk with some and they are happy to meet you without asking anything, the kids, however are trained to beg, if you are staying somewhere for any length of time I swear they sit and watch the door. When I spend time talking I generally give a 100 peso to the family, its $2 for us but it’s a good meal for their family. They appreciate it but don’t expect it.



Philippines Native HouseThe mountain farmer, some of these people have extremely simple lives and love it. Sometimes I wonder if a life like this would be better than the hectic modern day life. To see a 6’ tall blonde hair’d foreigner is like a roast on Sunday to them. They don’t see many and it’s a bit of a novelty. Happy friendly people – All.

No matter who or how much, the Filipino and Filipina are friendly people. When they meet a foreigner, it’s always their birthday lol, my answer to that is, really it’s mine too, how cool is that…… Jokes aside, no matter where you go, people will happily talk and joke with you. I love it here and so would you.

Keep Money in your pocket 650 learn secrets

Philippines – Travelling to and around the Philippines

Philippines JeepneyThe Jeepney, would have to be the most famous of the transportation methods in the Philippines. Modified army jeeps from the American presence in the second world war in the fight against the Japanese, when the Americans left after the war was over the jeeps were left behind in the 10’s of thousands, they have been modified to become what you see today. Waste not want not. There are everywhere, and some of them are absolutely spectacular. This is the cheapest way to get around in the Philippines, however as a foreigner especially in the larger cities, make sure your wallet is in your front pocket deep down. Having said that I have never been pick pocketed, maybe because I’m careful, I don’t know. If you want to know where they go their route is written on the side. This mode of transport I would suggest, as a foreigner, only if you know where your going or are with someone who does.

Philippines Overland JeepneyThe overland Jeepney, these are less glorious than the ones in the city, but effectively the same, they run from towns out into the country side to more remote locations. Imagine people chickens, fire wood charcoal and 50 kids stacked in and on a bus and you wouldn’t be far off. I traveled down from a mountain one time on the roof of one of these things because there was literally no more room inside, what a rush. Jeepneys are often extremely overloaded, if asked what is the capacity of a jeepney, the answer is “just one more”.



Philippines MulticabThe Multicab, is basically a more modern version of the jeepney, they are the modified Suzuki vans, same rules same fares, but the motor fumes and smoke are less prominent.





Philippines TricycleThe tricycle, modified motorbikes with side cars are also everywhere, each city has a different style but the rules are the same. Just one more. They are more prevalent in the smaller city’s and towns that cant support multiple jeepneys other than between towns. They are not really built for tall people however, see me squeezed into this one…… They cost a little bit more than jeepneys but there is always one waiting for you. For the Philippines it’s very convenient.


Philippines MotorbikeMotorbikes, are everywhere, rarely are helmets worn and quite commonly you will see 4-8 people stacked on one. My record is five, without falling off, I cant comprehend how they carry more. Just plain dangerous. Motorbikes in Philippines outnumber cars at least 10 to 1. Maybe more, especially outside of the major citys.



Philippines Bus

Busses, yes the modern busses are also prominent in the Philippines, they run between cities, and are quite comfortable and most are air conditioned. They take forever to get anywhere because they are constantly stopping to pick up more people, yes – just one more. But as far as getting around, its probably the quickest. Because they are, along with trucks, the largest vehicles on the road, and they act like it. They quite often just drive on the wrong side of the road passing motorbikes and tricycles. Rule to note: If you see a bus coming towards you on the wrong side of the road, it is your responsibility to get of it…… Or die. No playing chicken with these guys OK.

Philippines FerryBoats and ferryies. With so many islands in the Philippines, these are a must. Ferries run between major islands and cities and are quite comfortable, they always are full of busses and or trucks moving goods. There are speed craft also for passengers only, but only in certain locations because the Philippines ferrys can carry so many people it’s not viable to support them.


Philippines Native BoatNative Filipino boats, these are awesome, boats made with bamboo outriggers make for a stable journey. These service the smaller islands and are used also for many of the recreational activities like diving and sight seeing. I go out almost weekly with friends on the blue one you see here.

Feet, yes there are people walking everywhere, if the locals can’t afford transport they walk. Many would walk for 5 miles rather than pay for transport because the money saved will buy food for the day. Remember not to ride next to the edge of the road at night or you will likely hit someone. The highway in the Philippines is basically a footpath as well. It makes life interesting.


Philippines Air Travel.

Modern and safe, the aircraft here are the way to go if you are trying to get anywhere fast. Most cities on the major islands have airports and the cost is very reasonable. Some of the main airlines are, Philippine Airlines, Zest Air, Cebu Express and Air Philippines. All are safe, friendly, accommodating and I have never had a bag lost, touch wood. Just one word of warning, if you are traveling with luggage make sure you buy your ticket with allowance for the weight of bags you will be checking in or pay handsomely at the airport. One time I did this and I still had to point out that the luggage was paid for, they were trying to charge me 9000 peso or near $250 to check my bag. They were adamant until I produced my ticket and spoke to the supervisor about it. Be warned, but other than that air travel in the Philippines is a good experience.


The Philippines Environment

Philippines EnvironmentThe Philippines islands are a greenhouse of wild life, over 12,000 species of plants, 1200 land vertebrate species and at least 500 coral species. More are being discovered every day.

The Philippines country side is simply spectacular, the views you can find here rival any in the world. Some of the beaches are also brilliant, along with the local culture makes for an enjoyable and relaxing time for all. I must say the coral reef’s and fish species found here are nothing short of unbelievable. I have been snorkeling in a couple of different locations with a hand full of bread and the fish here surpass the great barrier reef in Australia, yes I’ve been there. Find my post on Dauin, not far from Dumaguete my home town.


Philippines – What is the climate like.

Philippines ClimateIf you like hot and dry, the bright and sunny tropical glory of the Philippines is best in the summer months between March and May. Straw hats and sunblock will be a must if you are getting out in the sun. It’s got some sting.

It will be a bit cooler from November to February. The rainy season from June to October will see a better deal to be had as a traveller, as with every tourist location there are peak times and times where the locals will drop the prices just to have you stay there.

Typhoon season, July to September, if you happen to be caught in a typhoon, just stick to high ground in the middle of a building that is solid. Housing here isn’t regulated like most western countries. I have seen tin roofing held down with old motorbike tires. Just saying.

Some of the islands towards the south like Cebu, Negros and Davao region are warm and comfortable all year round and can be visited at any time of the year.
For up-to-date weather information, visit the Philippines Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Adminstration (PAGASA) website: or call the PAGASA 24-hour hotline (632) 4338526.


Philippines Attire – What to Wear

Philippines AttireThe first time I came here I brought a suit, just in case, jeans, shoes and a jumper. Now, shorts, singlets, the odd T shirt are pretty much all I bring. Runners and jeans are only required if you go out for a meal or the movies, but even then that is optional.

However I would suggest some light long pants and thin socks and a long sleeve top for sleeping, depending where you are. Those pesky lamok(mosquitoes) can be relentless.

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Philippines & The Mobile Phone and The Internet

philippines mobile phonesWell……. Constant topic here between friends is how much load have you got, send me some load and what sim card are you using. It’s friggen mad. Between Sun, Smart, Globe and countless others more txts are sent here than the rest of the world, I swear.

One time I remember sitting at dinner with five locals, I was feeling a bit bored because the conversation wasn’t really flowing, even though they all spoke English. I looked around the table and they were all texting away, I went to borrow a phone once and couldn’t because the keypad had basically been worn away. Couldn’t dial. Basic skill here from the age of 12 is the ability to txt without looking or thinking. It is not considered rude to txt or talk on the phone mid conversation here, like it is in the rest of the world.

philippines internet cafeInternet café’s are everywhere here, if you haven’t got a facebook account you are not in the in crowd…. Many of the young Filipino men play games, and many of the Filipina women are searching online for “The One”. That discussion has an entire section on this site, if you are looking for a beautiful Filipina Girl you must visit the Dating section. There are many types of girls online, some of them not so honest, but there are pure, honest, loving, loyal girls still here and there is an art to find them… I was lucky, fate brought me to meet my Cherry Mae, love her to bits…. You can find yours too.

Basically if you need the internet, you will need to nudge someone over or wait, because the café’s are full, all the time.


Philippines – What’s The food like?

Philippines LechonDelicious. In one word. Lechon baboy and lechon manok are staple for every occasion. Lechon baboy is basically a whole pig on the spit. Fatty but delicious. Lechon Manok, or BBQ Chicken are available everywhere. Many other traditional meals involving noodles home grown vegetables and fruits are always nice. There are countless restaurants that will cook up a western meal as well so you will not go without your favorite food.

Philippines BalutI cant bring myself to eat two things however – Balut, boiled eggs with baby chickens in them, they are a delicacy here, I’m told they are delicious and I will try one….. someday. It might be like the late night kebab after a big night out lol. The other is dried fish, little fish that should have been thrown back are split open and dried, firstly the smell makes my neck cringe and they are 80% bones. Sorry not going there.

The Philippines Night Life and Entertainment

Philippines Night LifeIt’s more fun in the Philippines is the war cry and they are right. Five day festivals are common and frequent here. There are dance clubs, dine in shows, KTV bars – karaoke TV everywhere. That’s one thing that never died here like the rest of the world, karaoke, so many of the locals can punch out a Whitney Houston song better than she could and think nothing of it. They don’t realise their talent, my gal included. Have you noticed it is common now to see Filipino contestants on the singing shows around the world kicking butt, it’s everything to do with the culture here. I guess this needs to be said also, If your looking for young sexy girls in the Philippines there a many that will gladly become your partner. There is entire section dedicated to finding your perfect partner. Visit Philippines Dating Page NowPhilippines

Philippines Liberation during the Second World War

The Philippines Shopping Experience

Every city has a mall. The locals love it. The shopping malls in the major cities rival any in the world for size and style. You could get lost in them, if your into that. If you enjoy bargain hunting, there are countless no frills bargain markets. They might not be top notch designer labels but you can fill the wardrobe for a hundred bucks. The Divisoria area and the 168 mall is the backbone of Manila’s buy and sell trade, there are many blocks of stalls. Philippines – Something to experience.

Philippines SouvenirsIf your after souvenirs, you won’t have to look far, the locals thrive on the foreigner tourism market here. They see you coming and will gladly sell you any number of goods, remember to barter however, as a general rule halve the first price they give you and be prepared to walk away. But be nice they earn their living doing this so I have some fun screwing the price right down, because I know the local prices now, I get it to near cost, do the deal then give them a nice tip. You should see their faces light up, it’s a great feeling. If in one location for any length of time get to know the local prices from a friend and pay what the locals do but tip a little and they will look after you. For tourists there is a bit of a two tier pricing structure, but its not as bad as you think, get to know what things should cost and remember always barter.


Philippines – What If You Get Sick?

Hospitals and clinics in the country are manned by highly skilled and competent doctors, nurses and health care workers, in demand all over the world. Modern equipment is found in the best city hospitals, the Filipino brand of caring and compassion makes sure you’re well taken care of.
The country boasts of a wide variety of medical healthcare groups to choose from. There are private as well as government-run medical facilities, hospitals and clinics. Most hotels and resorts have medical assistance protocols ready. Towns and cities have health centers that provide emergency medical attention.
Generally you will need to pay as you go as many of the medical insurance policies will not cover your total bill in the Philippines. Some research may be in order.

All in all – the Philippines is an awesome place, for those new here it can be a bit daunting, if that worries you check out our services page if you want a guide, chaperone or just to get greeted off the plane and shown around until you get the vibe of the place.

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