Luzon – The Main Island of The Philippines And Home To Manila

LuzonLuzon is one of the three main regions of the Philippines and home of it’s capital Manila.  Shown in orange on the map to the left if encompasses  many Islands but the main island itself to the right is actually that of Luzon.

LuzonSome of the major cities in Luzon main Island are obviously Manila the Capital. Baguio a beautiful city up in the mountains.  Banaue,  Olongapo and the nearby City of Angeles, world renowned for male tourists.  Tagatay, Batangas, Legaspi, Sorsogon and one of the most famous beaches in The Philippines Borocai.


LuzonManila is the bustling hub of commerce of The Philippines but it also has some of the best cultural and historically significant locations.  There are more people living in Manila than the entire population of Australia, 28 million is the latest estimate, but I’m not sure anyone really knows how many people live there.  If it’s a bargain you are looking for be sure to check out the Divisoria region.

Take the time to find a guide to tour you around Manila, they are easy to find and cost effective to hire.


BaguioThe other location that I see as a must is Baguio, nestled in the mountains a 7 hour bus ride North of Manila.  Baguio has countless adventures and experiences to encounter.  A tourist guide will basically find you and transport you around the region at a very cost effective price.  The traditions, culture and spectacular views are all on display.  A must visit location in Luzon.


Luzon – Philippines Other Major Islands In Region.

Luzon – Palawan Group of Islands


For those longing to (scuba) dive off the edge of the world and explore a pristine tropical paradise, Palawan is just the place. The island’s capital, Puerto Princesa, has gained international recognition for its environmental programs. There are countless adventures to be had outside of then major city, including the Subterranean River National Park home of the longest underground river, Tubbataha Atoll coral reef, the beaches and limestone-karst cliffs of the Bacuit Archipelago and the island’s expansive  jungle.  Palawan is off the beaten path, so you can enjoy everything privately, without hoards of tourists to climb over.


Mindoro Island in the Luzon Region

Mindoro Island is the seventh largest in The Philippines located just south of Manila.  A rugged island cut in two by an almost impassable mountain range, Mindoro is part tropical paradise, part provincial backwater. The High Rolling Mountains has led to the formation of two provinces on the island: Mindoro Oriental (east), and Mindoro Occidental (west).

MindoroMost of Mindoro’s tourist industry is found in Puerto Galera on the north coast of Mindoro Oriental, white-sand beaches, secluded coves and tropical hideaways in a stunning harbour are simply spectacular.  Some of the best diving locations are around Apo Reef.  Beach shacks to world-class resorts cater for every person.

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