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Visayas – Amazing Region Beautiful Locations and People

Visayas is one of the three main regions of the Philippines and home of it’s second largest city Cebu City. VisayasVisayas consists of the group of mid sized Islands through the middle of the Philippines shown in yellow in the picture to the right.
I will break this region down to six major islands, Leyte, Samar, Bohol, Cebu, Negros, Panay and Masbate.  There are hundreds of smaller Islands around them I will do posts on them as time goes by.


Visayas – Leyte Island

LeyteLeyte Island is approximately 180 by 65 km as seen in the map care of google.
Leyte is mostly heavy forest and mountains but there is a lot of agriculture in the Leyte Valley to the northeast.  There are two major cities Ormoc and Tacloban.  The geothermal electric power plant near Ormoc is quiet notable.

Leyte is famous for the battle of Leyte in the second world war.  Where the Americans drove the Japanese out with one of the largest naval battles in history.  There are two documentaries for you to watch below if you are curious.

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Our If you want to know the full history of the war in the Visayas Region, watch this documentary.


Visayas – Samar Island

Samar IslandSamar is connected to Leyte Island via a bridge near Tacloban City.  Its Capital is Catbalogan City.  The southern coastline forms the northern border of the famous Leyte Gulf.

Samar is mainly mountainous with narrow strips of flood plains near the coast lines.

90% of the people there speak Waray-Waray with a mix of other dialects, Tagalog and English can also be spoken and understood there.

As with all of the Philippines there are many beautiful locations to see, it’s a little off the beaten track so you will not get mobbed with tourists.


Visayas – Bohol Island – Home of the Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Mountains BoholHome of the famous chocolate hills Bohol is a great place to visit.   Bohol is the tenth largest Island in the Philippines and its capital is Tagbilaran City.

Bohol is a short ferry ride away from Cebu City hub of the Visayas region.

Bohol has many coastal resorts and diving locations that are world renowned.  Worth a visit.



Visayas – Cebu – Great Place to Visit

CebuCebu Island is home to Cebu City the second largest city in The Philippines.  The people here are so proud of everything Cebu.  Cebu is a major tourist destination and the people here know it and cater for it.

Numerous resorts, 5 star hotels, pension houses are dotted all over Cebu.  With such a long coast line I’m sure you will find a location that you can kick back and take in the sea air.

As with all of the Philippines, beaches, diving, festivals, fantastic people, culture and views are abundant here.  Cebu’s Cities night life is also world renowned.

I have spent a lot of time here exploring the island top to bottom, I recommend it highly.



Negros – The Hidden Treasure of The Philippines

NegrosI have also spent a lot of time in Negros especially in Dumaguete City and its surrounding areas.  I have found some absolutely spectacular locations for days trips.  Twin Lakes, Dauin and Apo Island being three of them.

Negros is split into two Negros Oriental(East) and Negros Occidental(west) for the purposes of the government only.  but i will talk about Negros as a whole as the people here do also.

Dumaguete, the capital of Negros Oriental itself is a laid back city with all the modern facilities and several shopping malls that go along with the normal traditional markets and stalls.

There are many places to go for an evening walk, the boulevard is beautiful there and full of life with many restaurants clubs and people all year round.

Bacolod on the north west coast is the other major city in Negros and the capital of Negros Occidental.


Panay Isaland Philippines – Just another Tropical Paradise

PanayJust to the North West of Negros is Panay Island. Just another fantastic place to visit, I know it sounds repetitious but again it has all the activities that the Philippines are famous for.

Its capital is Iloilo City with the other larger city being Roxas.  Many rivers and mountains make this Islands views and activities spectacular.

Just off the Norther tip of Panay is Boracay Island, one of the most famous tourist locations in the Philippines.


As time goes by more and more posts on interesting things to see and do will be added to this site.  Help support this sites development by sharing your experience in the Philippines and particularly Visayas below.


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