Pinalove – Review of For a Real User – Scammer List

Pinalove.  This post is to give an honest review of the Pinalove dating site from a males point of view.  Is this a safe site to meet the woman of you dreams or are you just setting yourself up to be scammed like so many other men.

Truth is, to meet the right girl can be done on any site, but you will first have to filter through all the scammer’s to find them.  Please review my page on Dating as a bit of a guide.



PinaloveWith all the different dating sites out there it will take you some time to find the right one. I have done a review on some sites, and devised a way guys can flag scammers and try and help other poor souls avoid the pain.

Make sure you check the comments at the bottom of this page for the profile name of the girl or girls you are chatting to to make sure they have not already been flagged as scammers.


Pinalove – Review – Is It Usable.


Can I Join Pinalove for Free  –  Yes

Can I message on Pinalove  – Yes

Are contact details Filtered on messages -No

Can I IM Chat To Girls For Free – Upgrade Only

Can I search an age for free – Yes

Can I search a city for free – Yes

What are search features like  – Good


Scam BannerCan I comment on Profiles – Yes

Can I comment on Photo’s – Yes

In summary, Pinalove is a pretty user friendly site, you can use it to swap details of girls and go off to YM quite easily, Men can only send one message every 10 minutes which is a little annoying, but if you want to meet the right girl then it is no issue.

So I believe Pinalove is an OK site as many are.


Now I’m not sure about you but when I was actively looking for a girl on the Pinalove site, I came across countless girls which seemed extremely suspect with their intentions.  I had no way of finding out if they were chatting with others or have scammed others.  So i developed this site as a way for guys to check up on them.

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Pinalove – Scammer Watch Rules

Here is how it works, if you have been scammed buy a girl on pinalove rather than reporting their profile and jetting them off easy.  All they will do is make another one and start again.  But we all work together the known scammer’s can be stopped or at least slowed down.  In the comments below simply comment with the “” of the girl and give a brief description of what she did.  At least then other guys will be able to get a heads up.

If you are chatting with a girl and want to know if she is chatting with others also on Pinalove then comment below with “” I’m chatting with this girl.

Try not to state names as such because they can search for their name on google and find out how we know what they are doing.

Scammer list is updated automatically with each facebook comment.

Here’s how.

Search google for your

Below is a couple of screenshots of one such search with a URL grabbed from the facebook comments below.

My site will usually come up number one.

Pinalove scammer list
Pinalove scammer list

Help me out, share this page, spread the word. God forbid buy something or click on advertising LOL.

Pinalove Request

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