Philippines Caribao

Training a Carabao to Plow in the Philippine Mountains

Philippines CaribaoTraining a Caribao to Plow in the Philippine Mountains is the only practical way to till the soil other than by hand.

Both the terrain and finances prevent any for of motorized soil preparation. Many Mountain farms consist of only 1-3 acres so it would not be practical nor viable anyway.

See Video below, taken on the first day home to the new owners.


Carabao – The national animal in the Philippines.


The Carabao is a swamp type domestic water buffalo found in the Philippines. Water buffaloes were probably introduced to the Philippines by Malay immigrants around 300 to 200 BC. It is considered the national animal of the Philippines.
Definition care of Wikipedia
Scientific name: Bubalus bubalis carabanesis


Caribao Training

Training a CarabaoTo own a Carabao in the mountain is invaluable, they can haul heavy items to inaccessible area’s either by sled or over the back. Many people live in areas that trucks just cannot reach. The Carabao is a cherished possession and is pampered at every opportunity. But when it’s time to work the Carabao pulls through, pardon the pun.

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carabao sled

As you can see, the sled used to drag heavy loads, they are also quite handy to ride, once they get used to it. Try jumping on a carabao that is not trained or that does not know you and you will likely hit the ground faster than you left it.

Just saying.


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Training a Carabao to Plow in the Philippine Mountains – Request

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